Rogue Wave

by Mart Avi

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"Not anymore a creation of a person facing the unknown, but of a person who himself has mutated into someone unknown and incorporeal. There is a Trans-humanist Space, with an abundance of light in its virtual neon quarters and resorts, an enormous LCD screen which has completely devoured its spectator." /.../ „Yet it remains a work of the soulful, animated brain, not the artificial intelligence. In its’ earnest lust and attempts to call back a human lost somewhere beyond this world, "Rogue Wave" is more alive and eventually much warmer than all these "sincere and immediate“ vibrations between the beards and scalps of the countless hipster bards. 21st century folk?“

-10/10 review in Estonia’s biggest weekly Eesti Ekspress

„If pop music didn’t already exist and should be invented today, then the outcome would probably sound something like this. There are some of the most easily accessible Avi tunes ever, that in some parallel universe could be the radio hits of the highest rotation.“

- 5/5 review in Estonia’s largest daily Postimees

"Mart Avi's third full-length album "Rogue Wave" sounds as the spider talking in philosopher Bertrand Russell's voice, waiting for you on the kitchen wall for a charmingly debonair and irresponsibly intellectual dialogue. Yet whereas the majority of the albums by the Great Artists are more than often based on monologues full of egotistical self-reflections or status-statements, then "Rogue Wave" invites you to have a chat with it, or at least to think of something and, by all rights, to get it on!“

- 9/10 review in Estonian Public Broadcasting (ERR) culture website

"Rogue Wave" is a totally fresh breath. This is a glamorous pop – in its primeval, not commercial sense. /.../ It recalls some of the 80s most innovative, intellectual synthpop (Talk Talk, Heaven 17, The Blue Nile), and hints on the rampant, quality production RnB of the 90s. There are still other dimensions to access – from Brian Eno’s pre-ambient era 70s works to present-day vaporwave, where the pop of the bygone decades is steamed out, stretched slower, twisted faster and ripped to shreds.“

- culture website

„In a nutshell, it is one of the most outstanding issues in 2016 so far. It is an example of pre-eminent (pop) art“
– Recent Music Heroes blog


released October 20, 2016

Rogue Wave

1) End of an Era
2) Give Me Counterculture
3) Blind Wall
4) Lost in Realism
5) In Commercials
6) Python
7) Seasons Have Changed
8) Moses
9) Rogue State
10) Don't They Know

All by Avi


"In Commercials", unlicenced stock music.
"Rogue State", solo guitar by Ahmet Noy.
"Don't They Know", borrows heavily from "The End of the World" by Skeeter Davis (1962).

Mix: Avi
Master: Martin Kikas

Cover shot: Andres Teiss
Design: Avi




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Mart Avi Estonia

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